5 основних причин стати членом національної Асоціації Інженерів-Консультантів України і отримати сертифікат FIDIC.

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    "Association of Engineers-Consultants of Ukraine" is a full member of FIDIC. The key members of FIDIC are national associations of consulting engineers (architects). According to the FIDIC Charter, in each country there can only be one national association - an authorized representative of FIDIC, in Ukraine it's us! AICU, as a full member of FIDIC, has contact between the FIDIC members themselves and contact between their members by firms - firms in other FIDIC member countries. This is the exclusive right of the AICU. To ensure full contact, there is no need to conclude separate agreements and memoranda of cooperation. Other membership categories, such as those affiliated to the contact between the FIDIC members themselves and the contact between their members, firms in other FIDIC member countries, are obliged to enter into additional agreements and memoranda giving the right to contact. The staff of the AICU and the staff of the AICU members are registered (RSN) in the global representation of the consulting and engineering industry (http://fidic.org/NODE/10134).

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    Become a member of the authorized representative of FIDIC in Ukraine - the Association of Engineers-Consultants of Ukraine having the highest category of membership of FIDIC. AICU has the advantage guaranteed by FIDIC and the right to certify and form national registries of consulting engineers, experts, arbitrators and judges.

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    According to the licensing agreement between AICU and FIDIC, training is conducted for all FIDIC accredited modules in Ukraine. Training programs are developed in English, Ukrainian and Russian. Training is conducted by accredited FIDIC trainers.

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    The staff of the AICU is exceptionally highly competent specialists in obtaining all types of certification, certification, accreditation and other services provided by the association.

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    Only AICU has the right to use the FIDIC designation and the FIDIC logo - "documents are approved by FIDIC". For all programs, events and products of FIDIC and AICU, our members are provided with flexible discounts. Benefits of paying for young professionals and scholarships. Assistance in employment, internship, creation of consortiums with members of national association companies in other FIDIC member countries to participate in international infrastructure projects.

What say about us

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Prime Minister of Ukraine

Vladimir Groysman

Each Ukrainian region will have the opportunity to implement a major infrastructure project.

Somewhere it will be a road, where it can be a bridge, where it can be a network of roads and so on. But each territory has today the opportunity to implement projects that enable us to change and update our country. This is actually an object-by-case plan for our actions for 2017, which we are doing together with local authorities.

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Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Transport

Yaroslav Dubnevich

The introduction of the FIDIC monitoring system in the field of road transport is very relevant at the present time.

The introduction of independent quality control will ensure the high quality of construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of public highways

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Former Deputy Minister of Infrastructure. IO chapter "Ukrzaliznytsya"

Evgeny Kravtsov

We consider in detail the possibility of introducing FIDIC standards in railway construction.

FIDIC standards should be applied in all areas of infrastructure. In addition to the railway, pro formas need to be introduced in aviation, namely, when building airports

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Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

Vladimir Omelyan

The second is the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, or FIDIC, an internationally recognized association of independent engineers.

Each company that wins a tender should hire a FIDIC engineer that oversees the construction and takes responsibility for road quality. In addition, each road work is now supposed to be guaranteed by a warranty of at least five years.

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Congratulations on AECU’s granted status of FIDIC National Member Association by the vote of the General Assembly of FIDIC!

Also congratulation of introducing the concept of a national consulting engineer and for the opening of an official national register.

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